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People have asked me
"what do I store, where do I start?"
Here's the basics
Food Storage 101:
"Food For Thought,
and Your Survival"







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The Armchair Survivalist Radio Show

After 20 years on the radio, internet, shortwave and satellites, I've decided that I've done what I can. When I first started, I was the very first "survivalist/prepper" on the radio. My job was to inform as many people as I could on the subject of "improving their life" and preparing for what's coming, be it TEOTWAWKI, a trucking strike, riots, etc.

I taught everything from cleaning your house, building a fire, putting fires out, repair of firearms, refinishing of firearms, cooking, storing food, first aid, and a thousand other subjects. Many people were astounded as to my vast knowledge of, well, life. I wanted as many as possible to have that data.

I told you all that I would not be here forever, and that my show would only last for as long as I had something to say.

I never had advertisers, never got paid for my over 40 hours of research weekly and never had any help in producing my show. It was a labor of love.

When Todd my engineer quit working Sundays, I took that as a sign my time was up.

My last show was May 27, 2018.

Without going into it all further, 99% of everything I had predicted to happen has.

If, in the future, any other venue opens up for me to talk to you guys again, I'll let you all know. (I night start a blog - who knows), but now I have time to do all the stuff I simply didn't have time to do.

My company, Survival Enterprises, gained many new and loyal customers, from all you listeners to my show. We will still be supplying you with great products as long as we can.

You may still communicate with me by using the email link at the bottom of this page.

The links on the left of this page will stay up for as long as they can.

I love you all, I will miss you all, and I pray that I was able to change your life for the better.

Happy Trails 'till we meet again.



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