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People have asked me
"what do I store, where do I start?"
Here's the basics
Food Storage 101:
"Food For Thought,
and Your Survival"

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Used for over 10,000 years for food, clothing, building material, paper and medicine.
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Oregano Oil

Strongest antimicrobial known to man. 100% pure & organic.

Pure & natural. Made from plants. Hypoallergenic, concentrated, American made. Hand, dishes, laundry, shampoo
Portable Solar Panels

ProTech N95 Medical Mask
Meets WHO and CDC protection levels. Safe protection needed against airborne pathogens and contamination. 35 in a box
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The Armchair Survivalist Radio Show

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Jan. 1 , 2017replay
All about Hemp & CBD Oil
Feb. 5, 2017
Lugols Iodine
Mar. 5, 2017
Survival Enterprises Products
Jan. 8, 2017replay
History of Israel & Jews
Feb. 12, 2017
How to Communicate
Mar. 12, 2017
Personal Initiative/Message to Garcia
Jan. 15, 2017
Taking care of leather
Feb. 19, 2017
Stupid Things People Do
Mar. 19, 2017replay
The Way To Happiness
Jan. 22, 2017
Vacuum packing "stuff"
Feb. 26, 2017
Swedish Bitters
Mar. 26, 2017replay
Islam: Enemy of the World
Jan. 29, 2017

April 2 , 2017
Fire Extinguishers
May 7, 2017
Military Drugging by Psych Drugs
June 4 , 2017
Oregano Oil for health protection
April 9, 2017
CBD Oil Updates
May 14, 2017
Psych Drugs Destroying Our Children
June 11, 2017
Water & Elec. Conservation
April 16, 2017
EASTER SHOW: Old Time Radio
May 21, 2017
Door/Window Security
June 18, 2017
News & Rants
April 23, 2017
May 28, 2017
James Wesley, Rawles
June 25, 2017 replay
James Wesley, Rawles
April 30, 2017
Cast Iron & Reverware Cookware

July 2 , 2017
Preventing Heat Stroke
Aug 6, 2017
Gov. Drug Testing On Citizens
Sept 3, 2017replay
Message To Garcia
July 9, 2017
Long Guns
Aug 13, 2017
Air Guns
Sept 10 , 2017
Filtering & Filtering Water
July 16, 2017
Tribute to My Mother
Aug 20, 2017
The Great Depression
Sept 17 , 2017
Our Health Products
July 23, 2017
Use of Fans To Cool/Heat
Aug 27, 2017
Who & What Is George Soros
Sept 24, 2017
Kitchen Kraft
July 30, 2017
Drip Watering

Oct 1, 2017
Communisim, Banking & Jews
Nov. 5 , 2017
Prep your Survival Mobile" for Winter
Dec 3 , 2017
Internet Security
Oct 8, 2017
Insulation for Winter
Nov. 12 , 2017
Knowledge is power - get books!
Dec. 10 , 2017
CryptoCurrency & AI
Oct 15, 2017
Non-Electric Heating
Nov. 19 , 2017
Vinny from USA Prepares
Dec. 17 , 2017
Giving & Salvation Army
Oct 29, 2017
CBD update and info
Nov. 26, 2017
Stupid Things People Do

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